The waterfall behind the cave

Short stories and other random thoughts by Gigaherz

As Winter Falls, Part I

There was ever only one way out of The Forest, and is was not an option any more. It does not matter, because turning back had never been on the plan. If the mission succeeds, it will not be necessary to leave the forest, and if it fails, then there will be nowhere to leave to. Knowing that, the man walks forward, towards the deepest point of The Forest, the point where the shadow energy keeps gathering.
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This is an old “thought” I wrote some years ago.
I have lost the original .doc file so I don’t know the exact date…

The legend says magic has a way to link two souls together. By binding their fate, the time one consumes, becomes the other’s future. And so their life will split from the universal flow, and instead their time will revolve around them. After the moment of the union, these two souls will exist outside of the stream of time, forever, but their existence will be unchanging.

The legend speaks of a young sorcerer who fell in love with a girl, but fate made it so that the girl would die soon after. In her last moments, out of pain, the boy used the forbidden spell, and linking their souls. But how foolish that was, for since that moment, and through all eternity, the past will become each other’s future, and they will both exist to see the death of their loved ones, forever, until the end of time.


The last of the enemy warriors fell, and with him did the hope of their people. At the top of the mountain of corpses stood one single man, drenched in blood.

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As the ground beneath the building rumbled, the man looked at his dead children. He gave them a caress and a last kiss, turned around and walked away.  As he crossed the threshold to the balcony, he sprinted and jumped over the railing. As he fell, he turned round and prepared to hit the pile of hay that was just in the right spot for when the time came. His whole house had been designed knowing sooner or later he would be found. He just did not expect it to happen so soon. He had hoped his children would have time to grow up, leave his mistakes behind, and live unknowing of the blood they carried.

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Woo! Friday evening!

Finally home, after spending the morning at work, the half the afternoon studying, and then being in a little car accident. No one got hurt, and my friend’s car only got one door damaged, although the other car had something wrong with one of the front wheels so they had to get it towed away.

Anyhow, like most Fridays I would like to spend the weekend doing a lot of things I haven’t been able to do during the week, but I know I’ll probably just spend the time lazing around in my bedroom.

One of the things I want to do is get all my old intros and short stories in here, so maybe I’ll start with that.

Testing the wp7 app

I just installed a wordpress app. I don’t know if it’s the best or not but I suppose it will work. Testing that now…

Love and hate

I love this Manifest theme, but I hate how the only widget space is at the very bottom of the page. Since the main menu only has space for a few top-level pages, this means you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the front page to see the page index, I suppose I will have to keep a “toc” on each menu page, listing its children.

Reviving the blog

… or whatever you’d call it to give life to something that never really had it before.

Theme change (temporary, probably), a few new pages, and linked the blog to twitter.

I will have to consider how to handle the page hierarchy, because this theme only shows one single menu level, and it’s not even designed to have more than a few items in it.

Crow Blade chapter 0 update

I extended chapter 0 with more story. Now the “intro” chapter is more or less complete.

The first part for this story is going to be a flashback, but I don’t think it’s going to be extremely long.

“/my” commands in IRC

It has been some time since the day I thought IRC was lacking a way to show ” * nick’s something” with “‘s” appended to the nickname without a space.

“/me” shows a space between the nickname and the text, so “/me ‘s whatever” doesn’t look nice.

So today I thought “if /me uses a ctcp ACTION, why not use ctcp SELF for /my?” and decided to write a short script which sent SELF ctcps when the user types /my, and handles SELF ctcps from other people to display them as ” * nick’s message”. This worked mostly well, except for some people’s IRC clients which would reply with an error message when they received the ctcp command.

Later I thought of a nicer solution which wouldn’t introduce any new CTCP command and would keep the messages compatible with every client.

The idea was to use normal ACTION messages where the beginning is “‘s”, and replace the messages so that if the text starts with “‘s”, it shows it without a space.

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