Just what I needed

by gigaherz

I had been a long time since I last used my skills. The metaphorical gears of my internal machinery creaked as they started to turn, remembering their purpose and rejoicing at their new task.

I felt the inrush of energy fill in every cell of my brain, my consciousness expanding, ideas forming on every corner, constantly being created, discarded and recycled.

The muscles of my hands twitched as I moved, eager to see what creation would come out of this new effort. I started slowly, but I soon picked up the pace.

How had I let myself ignore the need for so long? How had I buried it so deep, that I even forgot how much I enjoy this work?

The act of creation, by itself, has always been the driving force, for me. and yet I had spent months upon months focused elsewhere, discarding any internal suggestion  to start again, thinking a later time would be most appropriate. But that time never seemed to come.

That day, I found myself with a bubble of time, time that I had neither allocated to work, nor to leisure. And at that moment, when all the other voices were confused at the hole in the schedule, the one faint voice spoke in the back of my head.

Why not?

So I picked up my tools, and I began working, letting the mind flow, and the hands work, free, unleashed. An expression of myself, given shape and form.

Then, at that time, in that moment, I knew. It was just what I needed.