Where we stand

by gigaherz

Jason commanded the earth moving towards him to shatter into its elemental particles, just as his attention was drawn to the source of the light newly illuminating the sky. He surrounded the flaming ball in a sphere of pure water, and just as it started absorbing the heat the light faded away and the water turned into frost and cracked, just to collapse upon itself and become more sense and flawless.

David split the ice into thin slivers, and launched them, nearly drag-free, towards Jason’s physical body. They shattered against a sheet of pure steel which right afterwards disappeared to give way to a ball of extremely dense matter which quickly accelerated towards the surface of the earth, David’s body in its path. The ball veered out of the way at the last second, and turned towards Jason shortly before vanishing into nothing.

“Why?” cried Jason, “Why do we have to do this?” his body vanished and reappeared closer to David, a stream of particles ejecting out of his body keeping him floating in place. “We were friends. We did this together. We were supposed to become God. We were supposed to rule the Universe! Together, we are unstoppable.”

“Why? You dare ask why!” David replied, frustrated. “You gained command over all matter, and I got all energy. Yet that wasn’t enough. You couldn’t stay away from her. The one girl you knew I cared about.”

“She came to me! She wanted to know what was wrong with you. She was worried that you had changed too much. Well of course you did, but so did I! We became freaking gods! But your little mind was too weak to handle it, was it not? You stopped thinking of her as an equal, a person.”

“You killed her! Maybe I had too much on my head, but it wasn’t me who ripped her body apart into little pieces!”

“Are you that crazy? You are the one who commands energy. You are the one who lost control. You are the one who blew her up! How dare you say it was me?”

“I didn’t aim at her! She was not supposed to be there at all! You brought her there, you caused here to die.”

“How was I supposed to know you’d suddenly decide to blow up my car? How was I supposed to think that you were that paranoid? I never had sex with her, I never even touched her. She came to me, crying, because she loved you, because you let her down.”

“Enough! It was all your idea, your plan, your secret. I never even wanted this. I followed you because you were my friend, and you turned me into a freak. I had a girl, a job, a family. Now I have nothing, nothing but the broken half of a god. So I will break you apart, the same way she broke. Except I’ll send your pieces to all corners of the universe, so there’s no chance anyone can ever attempt to put you back together.”

“Go to hell!”

“I am already in it.”

David started attacking again, which forced Jason to counter. The battle had been going on for days, and neither of them was going to run out of strength any time soon. The effects of the fight were visible from a long distance away, flashes of light, explosions and all kinds of matter were flying away and around them. A storm was gathering around them, with their fight at the centre. It seemed like it was going to last forever, when a rumbling noise stopped them. The rumbling came out of nowhere and everywhere at the same time, as if the universe itself was vibrating. The space warped around a sphere which grew and deformed into a thin bubble that surrounded them. There was no voice, no sound, but they caught the meaning of the thoughts regardless. Someone, or rather something, was speaking to them, or at least thinking very loudly.

Amusement. Such simple creatures, playing with such great power.

Pride. Humanity, who were granted a trickle of intelligence, believe they can match us.

Scorn. These two are completely unaware of the consequences of their actions.

Realization. Yet, there was some wisdom, also.

Understanding. The power would be too great for one being to take it all, so they split it.

Curiosity. How interesting, that such a limited intellect was able to act smartly.

Disregard. No matter.

Annoyance. Our safeguard failed, and humanity reached the power too soon.

Shame. Mistakes will be corrected.

Sorrow. We do not like to destroy.

Necessity. But the timeline must be stabilized.

Valediction. These two must be excluded.

Acceptance. There is work to do.

The Earth was returned to its rightful orbit, the storm was dissipated, volcanoes crumbled into themselves, the seas receded and the fields turned green. Cities grew back where they used to be, and the sparks of lives lost returned to the streets and homes. A wave shook the Earth, erasing all memory of those who had ever met the boys. Confusion vanished from the minds of the people as the brains worked around the missing bits, filling them with fake details.

For an undetermined amount of time, David and Jason were everywhere, knew everything, and accepted their fate. They had played with powers beyond their comprehension, and the rabbit hole was instead a deep dark pit with no apparent bottom. Then the work was done, and the ripple in space-time collapsed into itself, and David and Jason were no more.