by gigaherz

Yet another old concept, updated and revised. Sorry for the long delay since the last post.

A dwarf, an elf and an orc walk into the tavern.

“So full of meat in here.” says the orc, looking around.

The dwarf grabs the handle of his axe. “Shut up, before I cut you.”

“Cut what, my toe?” the orc chuckles.

“Hey, hey! Come on, let’s have some peace…” says the elf in his melodic voice, getting between them.

“Peace my ass,” replies the dwarf and turns around to face the other way.

The orc walks to the bar and slaps it with one of its big hands. “…‘tender! Gimme some meat.”

“What kind?” the man replies.

“Dun’ care. Be fast, ‘fore I eat a client.”

“Add a pair of beers for us,” says the dwarf. “we’ll be over there in the corner table.”

The elf and the dwarf walk to an empty table, and sit down. The orc waits for the bartender to come out of the kitchen, and takes the plate the man was carrying. He drops it on the table, splattering all around it with sauce, and proceeds to eat.

“So,” says the dwarf to the elf, “the treasure.”

“Yeah, about that…” replies the elf, “I don’t have a clue where it could be.”

“What? You had a whole week to find something… which man distracted you this time?”

“Hey! I’m interested in women, too.”

“Yeah, in that way you are like me,” says the orc, after swallowing a big piece of a steak. “you eat anything.”

The dwarf nearly chokes with the beer and tilts the mug while coughing, spilling the beer. “My beer!” he laments. “Hey! I’ll need more juice over here! Damn orc…”

“Shut your mouth ‘fore I eat whatever meat you might have in your little body, after I’m done with this.” replied the orc, annoyed, and then turned it’s attention to the large steak.

“Yeah, back to business,” says the elf “I need more time. I have talked to everyone I could reach within a day’s trip, and no one gave the least indication that they knew anything. If it’s around here, it’s too well hidden.”

“You know I can’t give you more time. The job has to be done before next full moon, or it will be too late.”

“That’s just two days…” sighs the elf. “Help me. Give me more information, more details. Anything I can use.”

“I have already told you every bit of information I could possibly risk giving you, but for the sake of thoroughness, and in case you forgot some detail, I will repeat everything yet again.

We have substantial evidence that somewhere in this valley there’s a hidden entrance to an ancient crypt. Said evidence suggests that at least one family was entrusted with the knowledge of it’s location, and the duty to pass it over to their children, so that the treasures within could be recovered in times of great need.

The crypt’s entrance would have been marked with certain distinguishable runes, and sealed with magic so that for all intents and purposes, without the key, it all just looked like a plain rock.

The evidence does not include any information about who this family may have been, and we don’t know if they still remember, or if they even reside in this valley.

The mission is to find the crypt’s entrance, and to trigger a magic beacon that will allow the royal magicians to open a portal and send a specialized team to do their jobs. That is all I can say. If I revealed any more than I already have… no, I’m already overstepping far enough. The mission is important, but not worth the problems it could cause if the wrong ears heard any more. It would risk too much. The stakes are too high.”

“It is not enough, though. Not without the manpower to comb the valley in search for it. Unless you can provide it…”

“I can’t do that, and you know it. I simply don’t have the resources. And even if I did, the governor of this valley is not exactly friendly to us dwarves, she wouldn’t allow such a force to enter her domain without a huge lot of convincing, which would include saying a lot of things I don’t have the permission to say.”

“I need more meat.” says the orc, before he walks back to the bar to ask for more.

The elf sighs, “I suppose I will have to continue this pointless errand, then. I hope you have better luck on your side. I still can’t understand how you ended up paired with an orc.”

“Me neither.”