Yet another old concept, updated and revised. Sorry for the long delay since the last post.

A dwarf, an elf and an orc walk into the tavern.

“So full of meat in here.” says the orc, looking around.

The dwarf grabs the handle of his axe. “Shut up, before I cut you.”

“Cut what, my toe?” the orc chuckles.

“Hey, hey! Come on, let’s have some peace…” says the elf in his melodic voice, getting between them.

“Peace my ass,” replies the dwarf and turns around to face the other way.

The orc walks to the bar and slaps it with one of its big hands. “…‘tender! Gimme some meat.”

“What kind?” the man replies.

“Dun’ care. Be fast, ‘fore I eat a client.”

“Add a pair of beers for us,” says the dwarf. “we’ll be over there in the corner table.”

The elf and the dwarf walk to an empty table, and sit down. The orc waits for the bartender to come out of the kitchen, and takes the plate the man was carrying. He drops it on the table, splattering all around it with sauce, and proceeds to eat.

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