by gigaherz

A small thought I wrote years ago, I don’t know the exact date at the moment.

Magic is the common name given to things we cannot explain. At which point does it stop being magic and becomes science? Can we still call it magic, if it’s known, proven, but still out of what we use to consider ordinary? If we cannot explain it, it can be called magic, but what if others can?

Historically, magic has always been “tricks” played by people on those who didn’t have enough knowledge to realize how the tricks worked, leading them to believe on supernatural powers that put the “mage” people above the rest. In a sense, they indeed were above the rest, but not in supernatural powers, rather in better knowledge of physics and chemistry.

But I digress. While I know it might not be appropriate to call it magic, I cannot seem to find a better word to describe that which, considered within the bounds of our reality, would seem unrealistic, or maybe unexplainable.

This “magic” I’m trying to explain is something I have personally experienced, and because there was no way to prove its existence, I’m certain some people will try to make me look like a fool for even believing in it, and I know the vast majority of the world, even amongst those who get to read this, will believe it to be just the work of my imagination, yet another fantasy story taken from the realm of dreams, rather than actual experiences.