by gigaherz

This is an old “thought” I wrote some years ago.
I have lost the original .doc file so I don’t know the exact date…

The legend says magic has a way to link two souls together. By binding their fate, the time one consumes, becomes the other’s future. And so their life will split from the universal flow, and instead their time will revolve around them. After the moment of the union, these two souls will exist outside of the stream of time, forever, but their existence will be unchanging.

The legend speaks of a young sorcerer who fell in love with a girl, but fate made it so that the girl would die soon after. In her last moments, out of pain, the boy used the forbidden spell, and linking their souls. But how foolish that was, for since that moment, and through all eternity, the past will become each other’s future, and they will both exist to see the death of their loved ones, forever, until the end of time.